Wear and Lubricants

The Wear and Lubricants research theme at ICAM is concerned with understanding the fundamental tribological processes relating to wear and erosion, and developing new chemistries to deliver new lubricant additives and materials to mitigate wear.  Surface and molecular interactions underpin the wear, erosive and lubrication processes in the energy industry, so this research is of significant value to BP. 
ICAM research in this area is improving BP’s Upstream and Downstream operations by delivering:
  • a fundamental understanding of molecular structure and interactions through modelling leading to a better understanding of wear and lubrication mechanisms to produce more reliable predictive models
  • a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of how surfaces influence wear leading to better strategies for the prediction, prevention and mitigation of wear
  • new additives and materials that are resistant to or mitigate wear

Understanding and Developing Inorganic Lubricant Additives

A vast amount of energy is consumed globally to overcome friction. The development of an improved low friction material has the potential to reduce this energy consumption and extend the lifetimes of mechanical components that are subjected to damage by friction. ICAM researchers at The University of Manchester have developed advanced materials for high performance lubrication that meets this global need and facilitates further improvements in this sector.