Low Carbon Energy

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The Low Carbon Energy Enduring Theme at ICAM encompasses research into materials science and engineering challenges for technologies directly related to the production and storage of energy from low carbon processes. The theme also aims to focus on sustainability, through research into topics such as potential reductions in the carbon intensity of products, processes and infrastructure, and alternatives to precious metals.

The research falls under the individual focus areas of: Hydrogen, Electrification, Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage, and Circular Economy and Sustainability.

Low carbon energy is a very broad area and incorporates a wide range of technologies and material related challenges. Over the next decade and beyond, the availability of low carbon energy is expected to grow significantly including, for example, the expansion of electrification of the energy grid and the usage of hydrogen as a low carbon fuel. At the same time, it is vital that carbon emissions from existing sources are reduced or mitigated, for example, through Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), and that sustainable processing practices are adopted where existing resources are reused and recycled where possible.

The research performed under the Low Carbon Energy Theme is providing bp with foundational information to help inform its activities in low carbon electricity and energy. Much of the research in this area is fundamental in nature, providing new knowledge to the wider scientific community, which will accelerate scientific efforts towards a more sustainable future and help the world get to net zero.


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