Underpinning Sciences

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The Underpinning Sciences Enduring Theme at ICAM concerns the development of new tools and techniques in support of the other ICAM research areas. Examples include new imaging and characterisation techniques across a range of length and time scales, as well as improved modelling methodologies such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD), molecular modelling and machine learning.

Research into Underpinning Sciences supports other ICAM projects as well as developing new techniques, providing technical advances that impact throughout the field of advanced materials. It is separated into two focus areas: Imaging and Characterisation, and Modelling.

This research allows many fundamental processes – such as those governing fluid flow through media, surface interactions, material degradation or corrosion – to be easily visualised and understood in ways not previously possible.


Advanced materials research covers a spectrum of academic fields and disciplines. The scientific publications authored by our researchers showcase some of the ground-breaking work taking place across the ICAM partnership.

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