Sustainable Operations

Our Work

The Sustainable Operations Enduring Theme at ICAM aims to deliver research that improves understanding in technologies that may be able to deliver a reduction in carbon emissions in operations for the energy industry, with a focus on efficiency and sustainability.

These challenges are multi-faceted and translate into five focus areas: Corrosion and Degradation; Separations; Wear and Lubrication; Fouling and Deposition; and Materials Systems.

The Sustainable Operations Theme is concerned with understanding processes and molecular interactions that underpin many of the challenges experienced in operations within the energy industry around the focus areas described above. The research aims to continue developing materials and fundamental understanding of the behaviours of materials in the environments that they operate in, such as coatings, composites, catalytic processes and membrane technologies that have the potential to impact operational efficiencies through a range of processes across the energy sector. Improved mechanistic understanding of processes such as degradation can help improve the life and performance of the materials involved.


Advanced materials research covers a spectrum of academic fields and disciplines. The scientific publications authored by our researchers showcase some of the ground-breaking work taking place across the ICAM partnership.

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