Camille Petit

Role: Professor of Materials Engineering
Partner: Imperial College London

Camille Petit is a Reader in Materials Engineering at Imperial College London. She completed her MSc in chemistry at the École nationale supérieure de chimie de Montpellier in 2007. She earned her PhD at City University of New York in 2011, working with Teresa Bandosz. In 2012, Petit was awarded the Springer Nature thesis award for her dissertation ‘Factors Affecting the Removal of Ammonia from Air on Carbonaceous Materials’. Petit completed postdoctoral research in Alissa Park’s group at Columbia University where she worked on carbon capture using nanoparticle organic hybrid materials (NOHMs). In 2013, Petit joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. She leads the Multifunctional Materials Laboratory. Petit is Associate Editor of the journal Frontiers in Energy – Carbon Capture, Storage, and Utilization. In 2019, she was awarded a prestigious European Research Council grant to develop a new class of photocatalysts to help convert carbon dioxide into fuel using sunlight.