Professor Erich Muller – Molecular Simulation of Fluids

Professor Erich Muller, from the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London, delivered the first ICAM webinar of 2016 on the topic of the molecular simulation of fluids.

Professor Muller discussed the simulation ladder, from quantum mechanics and density functional theory to continuum models such as lattice Boltzmann and computational fluid dynamics emphasizing the opportunities and present limits of the different approaches.

The core of the webinar dealt with practical applications of atomistically-detailed molecular dynamics and related coarse-grained models in the area of gas, crudes, asphaltenes, waxes and surfactants.

Professor Muller has over 30 years of accumulated experience in the molecular description of complex fluids and interfaces. He is a Professor in Thermodynamics at Imperial College London and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry with a track record of over 100 papers, over 200 presentations in international conferences, 9 books and chapters.

Professor Muller is a senior researcher in the Molecular Systems Engineering group at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College, where a combination of theoreticians and modellers work in a productive and collaborative environment focusing on the application of fundamental modelling to engineering scenarios.