Eric Doskocil

Role: Senior Manager for Applied Physical Sciences
Partner: bp

Eric Doskocil is the Senior Manager for Applied Physical Sciences, based at S Wacker in Chicago. Eric joined bp in January 2008 in Naperville after spending more then seven years at the University of Missouri-Columbia as an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering where he led research on acid / base catalysis, renewable chemical production, and supported metal catalysis.

Prior to bp’s Reinvent Strategy, Eric was the US Science Team Leader for the Centre of Expertise for Applied Chemistry and Physics (ACP, part of Group Research).  Eric’s specific expertise is in the field of heterogeneous catalyst materials, including catalyst synthesis, reactivity testing, and advanced characterization related to understanding structure/function relationships for elucidating reaction kinetics and catalyst deactivation.

The Applied Physical Sciences team is the home of green hydrogen and material sciences, including ICAM, and will focus on accelerating innovative solutions for bp across the physical sciences.  Eric will work closely with teams across applied sciences and other bp businesses to support the development of low carbon technology offerings to help meet bp’s net zero ambitions.  Eric has been working with ICAM as a bp Mentor in several projects at UIUC and as a Programme Management Board member; he is also the bp-UIUC research liaison.