Adam Hajjar

Role: Intellectual Asset and Commercialisation Specialist
Partner: bp

An Intellectual Property (IP) management and technology transfer professional, with a strong biosciences technical background (BSc in Microbiology, PhD in Biochemistry) together with extensive experience in managing IP and technology commercialisation across a wide range of industry sectors, including pharmaceuticals, cell and gene therapy, medical diagnostics, medtech, healthcare, agbiotech, oil & gas and renewable energy.

Adam has been employed in a number of different roles in both industry and academia, including working with some leading London-based Universities (TTOs), NHS trusts, and other research organisations to protect and commercially exploit the results of their research. Joined bp in 2021, and currently provides IP and commercialisation support to the Production & Subsurface Science team based at the International Centre for Business and Technology (ICBT) in Sunbury as well as teams based at the Biosciences Centre in San Diego. Has also been the allocated IPAL team member providing advice/support to bp-ICAM on IP related matters before joining the PMB.