Webinar – Professor Alexei Lapkin on “Digital R&D Tools in the Applications for Materials and Liquid Formulations Development”

Thursday 11 July from 3pm to 4pm

The session will be presented by Professor Alexei Lapkin, Professor of Sustainable Reaction Engineering at the University of Cambridge (UoC). In this talk, Professor Lapkin will first introduce an emerging framework for digital R&D tools, which is based on dynamic knowledge graphs and ontologies, and allows for easy integration of multiple workflows based on AI agents placed within the knowledge graph. This overall architecture is intended to support all R&D workflows in a fully digital lab. He will then focus on several specific case studies that use elements of this framework for development of materials and formulation. The recently developed AMLearn platform, which connects multiple vendor devices in an ML-driven active learning development cycle, will be described. This platform is now powering the flow materials synthesis technology. Alexei will also discuss several challenges in developing formulations that are well suited for ML methods, presenting the recently developed HT workflow for liquid formulations and new algorithms that were developed in support of this workflow.

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