ICAM is supported by a range of laboratory facilities and other advanced capabilities, including powerful computing and modelling systems. These are available for use by all partners to enhance and extend the collaborative working that lies at the heart of ICAM.

Our facilities cover many fields of activity that cut across institutional boundaries and academic disciplines. This ensures that studies undertaken by ICAM make full use of all partner organisations’ experience, enabling innovative research to lead the way to new developments in advanced materials.

A wide range of facilities, equipment and techniques that support our work are available. See the pages below for more details:


Our imaging facilities, including SEM, FIB, TEM, ET and X-ray CT.

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Scanning Probe

Our scanning probe equipment, including AFM, AFM-IR, EMP, EMPA and AES.

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Our spectrometry instruments, including SIMS, nanoSIMS, THz-TDS, XPS, NMR, Raman, FTIR and MS.

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Mass Change

Our mass change capability, including quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) equipment.

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Our tribology facilities, including instruments to determine abrasiveness, adhesion, fatigue and friction.

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Our diffraction equipment, including a calorimetric diffractometer and custom built cells for high pressure and temperature. 

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Thermal Analysis

Our thermal analysis capability, across the four ICAM universities. 

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Our separation instruments, including liquid and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.

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Our distribution equipment, including surface area analysis and dynamic light scattering instruments.

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Stress and Damage

Our stress and damage characterisation instruments across the four ICAM academic partners.

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