John Baker

Role: Materials Research Scientist

Partner: BP

John Baker graduated with a BSc in Chemistry in 1986 from the University of Reading. He continued at Reading, completing a PhD in heterogeneous Catalysis under Prof. Robbie Burch in 1990. He then joined the Fundamentals of Catalysis Group, based at BP Research, Sunbury. In 1993, he moved to Refining Technology continuing fundamental catalysis research and providing process support to improve unit performance.  After four years, John moved to Commercial Refining, supporting BP’s crude characterization and production planning. This period included the development of a ground-breaking crude property prediction tool called CrudeManager, in collaboration with a small start-up company comprising PhD astrophysicists from Cambridge. In 2000, John progressed to Crude Oil Consultant for BP’s European trading organization.

In 2005, he was seconded to a global project to implement 65 technical and business minimum expectations across BP’s refinery and trading interface organisations. On completion, he moved to the role of Technology Foresight Manager for Refining and Marketing (R&M), where he led the development of an innovation network across BP’s R&M global technology groups. In 2008, John joined BP Alternative Energy developing cross-business knowledge management processes and systems.

In 2009 he moved to Group Technology where coordinated the BP University Study Session programme. He also played a significant role in the initiation, development and subsequent management of BP’s Distributed Research Laboratory. In 2014 John took a training role in the Downstream Refining and Trading organisation. In 2016 John joined ICAM as Materials Research Scientist.