Angelo Amorelli

Role: Vice President Group Research

Partner: BP

Dr Angelo Amorelli manages BP’s Group Research teams, providing specialist chemical, biological and engineering science support to BP’s upstream & downstream businesses. He joined BP in 1989 and worked in refining technology in process research & development and global technical support. This was followed by roles in corporate planning & strategy, with responsibilities for energy market demand analysis and forecasting, and later in Exploration & Production gas technology.

Dr Amorelli spent 8 years in BP’s renewables and alternative technology business in a variety of commercial, venturing and technical roles, becoming one of the company’s leading technical experts in clean energy technologies. In the last 4 years, Dr Angelo Amorelli worked for BP China as Vice-President of Science and Technology and General Manager & Board Director of BP China Holdings Company.

Dr Amorelli also served as the GM and Board Director of BP (China) Holdings Ltd and was the vice Chairman of Shanghai Bi Ke Company, a former JV between BP and CAS, a Chinese Chemical process technology commercialization and licensing start-up company. He is a Cambridge University graduate and has a PhD in Chemistry. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.