Andrew Livingston


Role: Professor of Chemical Engineering

Partner: Imperial College London

Andrew Livingston studied Chemical Engineering in New Zealand. In 1986, after three years in industry, Andrew won a Prince of Wales Scholarship for a PhD at Trinity College, University of Cambridge. Upon finishing his PhD (awarded Danckwerts Prize for best PhD thesis), he joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College in 1990 to undertake research into membrane separations, biotransformations, chemical and separations technology. 

Andrew became full Professor from 1999, published over 220 papers and has been granted 16 patents in chemical technology. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2006. His awards include Junior Moulton Medal (1993), Cremer and Warner Medal of IChemE (1997), and Silver Medal of Royal Academy of Engineering (2008). Professor Livingston has been Director of Research within the Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College between 2000 and 2004, and 2005-2006 and became Head of Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College in 2008, a position he held until October 2016.

Andrew leads a research group of 20 PhD students and PDRAs, with current research interests in separations for chemical and pharmaceutical applications using solvent stable nanofiltration membranes, and in membranes for reverse osmosis.